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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

some of what keeps me from posting......

We call her Pest, but will change to something a little more stylish later! ..............................................boy does she love that goats milk!!

She will be a permanent resident here, since all I needed is just 1 more girl to complete my herd!!

Nieces adorable little boy helped with the feeding on Easter, he was very dedicated!! Wanted to go out and feed so badly that he grabbed my shoes and headed out the door ....bottle and all!


  1. How'd you get her and why? And how is your cow? Will she calve soon? Do you milk her by hand and how long does it take?

    CUTE pictures!

  2. I have a neighbor who works at the salebarn and they were going cheap that day. He had bought one for me,,always thinking he is..knowing I have milk cows due any day. Milk cow did calf a week ago and I milk her along with leaving her calf on her. She is giving me a little over 2 gallons a day, and I only milk at night, when I have more time. That is plenty for feeding calves, but this girl I just got, is doing fantastic on goats milk. She is just a glossy fat girl who is becoming a puppy! oh yea, it takes me about 20 minutes to milk...if all goes right!! Some days she is fickle!

  3. She is very cute! I was hoping to have extra goat milk right now, but all the dairy girls had their own twins and are "helping" supplement a extra triplet or two as well. Looks like she is doing well on the goat milk.