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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Out like a lion!! cute as a lamb!!

and so the story goes.....I decided to have vet come out ,,raging weather...horrible roads...and very fat, pregnant doe in great discomfort. He decided she was lacking Calcium and was losing her strength. Gives her a large dose of Calcium via abdomen and we leave and back to work over blizzarding roads. I am watching her throughout the day on webcam from my office in town...when off in the corner...there in obvious discomfort and severe distress is my smallest and wildest newby I had recently purchased. No dates provided on any possible babies with that one, so my attention was not on could never get close enough without an all out tackle to exam so did it by observations from afar. She was wide, but darted around like a hyperactive 2 yr old. From webcam, I could tell...I was needed at home and 20 minutes later I arrive with a very large head out...NO FEET...none...nowhere...reaching in...I can barely grab the side of a little leg and pull that around..there was no going back. It needed to come out and with a few gentle pulls...I manage to get entire baby out with no ill effects. Lots of fussing from Momma, but it had to be done. I laid baby down and let Momma clean for a couple of minutes and get the pen shut off so she could be by herself. I closed the gate and by the time I turn around to help clean off and dry baby..she is down again...Now where she put that one is beyond me. Hard to imagine that One..let alone Two of that size Fit!! Amazing...and both Does to boot....Looks to me like she had a Saanen for a Father here. Two nice size babies for one so young!! Thank YOU WebCam!!!.....meanwhile...Maggie the Large girl who got the dose of Calcium is up and eating like a champ. I think she awaits the next snowfall, just to make it interesting!


  1. And you have an ever diligent guard kitty at the ready.He sure makes for a great babysitter. Wonder who keeps who the warmest?!

  2. no kidding..I bet that is like a little heater all curled up beside them

  3. Wow! Great excitement! I am looking forward to more pics of the little ones!