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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a day in a life!

DebLCRH: I didnt tell you the reeeesst of the story though
DebLCRH: Sharon..was a dear and grabbed Chance from Drivers Ed class over in Pierre
PKCromwell: what?
DebLCRH: and brought him home
DebLCRH: and Dan hollering into the cam...grab pizzas Sharon!
PKCromwell: funnyD
DebLCRH: so she arrives..two pizzas and Chance
DebLCRH: so we go in and start cooking after we see to new arrivals
DebLCRH: which meant I needed to quit in the middle of the chores and stop and eat
DebLCRH: so we had a beer,,,pizza and by 7:30 they were heading for home
PKCromwell: I bet that was hard to do, go back to chores..
DebLCRH: so I go out and finish chores..feed the boys...feed the cows...water the horses/cows...
DebLCRH: so finally at Nine ...after checking on new babies frequently and all is done...I walk back to porch...when out of the corner of my eye
DebLCRH: I look to the west...and see movement in the west pasture on my side of road...heading up the road toward Kips house
DebLCRH: nothing should be over there...and it is dusk...pretty close to dark by now
DebLCRH: I squint
DebLCRH: I am in is my horses
DebLCRH: running for freedom
DebLCRH: the gate down by the river must of gotten blown open or left open by someone
DebLCRH: fishing or hunting most likely
DebLCRH: I think..crap...dark...road...highway...horses are out...
DebLCRH: should I just call it a night...and hope they return
DebLCRH: CRAP...there they go...across the road and heading down the highway PKCromwell: not good
DebLCRH: I run in scream for Nicky to get car and park it across from the mailbox and wait with me driving horses back up the road and head them into our yard...
DebLCRH: she wants an explanation..but darkness is upon us and I have a highway to negotiate 7 horses back up and by now 5 miles of stretch as they are running
PKCromwell: keeping Nicky on her toes too
DebLCRH: I scream...get your CAR
DebLCRH: I am out the door...and down the road...breakneck speed...taking ditch if I have to
DebLCRH: so I get ahead of the cantering souls
DebLCRH: and jump now..i have worked up an awful sweat and take off coat and start running at them swearing like a sailor
DebLCRH: woke the neighbors
DebLCRH: scare the bejeebas out of them..they abruptly turn and run for home
DebLCRH: but....
DebLCRH: decide to take the approach at Kips house
DebLCRH: sonofabegeebas
DebLCRH: then I race ahead slamming into park...and again with the coat
DebLCRH: get them back on the highway..sorta heading toward my house...
PKCromwell: they were looking for safe haven?
DebLCRH: and they decide to take the south side of highway..putting them smack dab in the spot to avoid the gate at my house
DebLCRH: again...swearing...and hollering at Nicky to get out and flail those arms
DebLCRH: do not know if she heard me,,but she is thinking and raced forward into deeper snow with car and is out showing them nowhere to go but back across highway and into my yard..
DebLCRH: meanwhile I have my car parked sideways in road..with flashers and cars are starting to approach
DebLCRH: if one...just one would of crossed the line...there would be no fury like the hell they would of seen
DebLCRH: we got them in the yard and I run around closing the west end gate ,,then to get them headed to the hay bales
DebLCRH: I have nicky get the bucket of corn...I go try to navigate a way in for the horses...and see all drifts are covering all entry to get them back in from house side...
DebLCRH: I finally succumb a bit
DebLCRH: bout ready to cry
DebLCRH: when I get a second wind and decide that hay feeder could move
DebLCRH: I cut ropes and snipped wire and wallah...I have a new entry...but I have to shut the gate that leads to the river
DebLCRH: as I dont want them out again..I tell Nicky...I have to walk down and up the ravine to the other side gate and for her to try to coax them back in with the grain...she is hesitant
DebLCRH: I head across the pasture,,,which is very deep in snow...especially down in the ravine..where the drifts must be 10 ft deep where the wind has laid the snow through the day
DebLCRH: I had a little moonlight by now,,and the dogs were going across the ravine ok...staying on top...
DebLCRH: so i am pooped and decide...just walk light...walk light
DebLCRH: I made it
DebLCRH: halfway
DebLCRH: thats when I lost it...
DebLCRH: I lost a leg...and felt no threw myself forward..and start swimming uphill to the dry land I see in the dark
DebLCRH: I am laughing now,,,,close to tears....
PKCromwell: geeez
PKCromwell: making me laugh
DebLCRH: could of peed myself by then...but I had taken a couple of seconds to run in the bathroom before I started after the horses...I knew enough to stop and do that anyway
DebLCRH: got to the gate..and sweat is running down my face...I race back down and just decide to dog crawl on all fours back across...and help Nicky
DebLCRH: I got there just as she was leading the worst one...the leader of the pack back into the pen
DebLCRH: three others were straggling..but after I got behind and threw my coat....and the rest were quick to follow suit
DebLCRH: I ache all over is sorta working in the shoulders and the backs of my legs...well..they feel swollen....
DebLCRH: anyway...after my excitement of the whole day.with baby deliveries and vet calls..and I crawl in shower and took two excedrinPMs,,,I hit the couch to hopefully catch the news....but I finally notice..
DebLCRH: it is quarter to 11
DebLCRH: crap....
DebLCRH: I go to bed with food channel on and call it a day...
DebLCRH: I was afraid something else was going to happen in the night and Maggie would be laying there in trouble this went out at 1 and 4:30 ...just to peek..
PKCromwell: gad
PKCromwell: copy and paste this to your blog
DebLCRH: I think I have Some sort of Shock Syndrome
DebLCRH: no energy...wish I could ...but no energy...
PKCromwell: I don't know how you could fit that in to
PKCromwell: shock syndrome, that is
DebLCRH: me either...when I saw the thing on facebook from Nicky...and it all flashed before me
DebLCRH: entire day....
PKCromwell: uh-huh
DebLCRH: I finally said the bottom of the ravine last night...and sprawling across the snow trying to keep from going under..."What the hell???...are you trying to kill me Greg???"
DebLCRH: thats when I went hysterically into laughing....tears...
PKCromwell: made me laugh and tear up at the same time
DebLCRH: it was bad...but I can say...I survived and with no dead bodies
PKCromwell: could have been bad with horses on the road
DebLCRH: actually...was pretty calm when I went out this morning...everyone in there proper spots
PKCromwell: they thought the goats were getting too much attention
DebLCRH: it could of been...and I would never have left them wandering..
......................a day in a life!!!


  1. Geez...I didn't realize you had so much fun after I left!! You know you can always call me, anytime and I will be there, maybe not always going to be a great help, but I can sure be someone to help you laugh and cry!! I'm getting good at that stuff! Seeing you stuck in the snow in the ravine would have DEFINITELY made me pee myself!

  2. I had that was one of those hysterical moments that help relieve alot of stuff. I do remember thinking, gad Sharon would of made this even better, she would still be guffawing over this one.

  3. I wasn't even there and I want to pee my pants! :)