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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!

It worked...we were staying up late watching ..Austrailia. First time I had watched it and it was in the last few seconds when (while watching closely Peach on my laptop wth the webcam zoomed in on her) that I see she is really really uncomfortable. I had been noting her up and down and the far away look for most the show. She would dig,,she would lay...she would stretch and then she was just down and hollering for help!! I think I saw the last of the show...I think...what a good show it was though..anyway, I ran helter skelter for a bit and forgot the towels the blow dryer and my head. I got there with inside baby under arm and pulled off the diaper and set her down behind me while I crawled in pen and watched Peach to see if I needed to assist. She was hollering alot and see no real advancement, although I did see feet,,,no nose was following. I reached in a bit and see their is one Giant Head and my poor little Peach. I waited a short while and had to help. It was an awful tight squeeze and wonder now if I had left her she would of ever gotten that head out. I am again, so thankful for the camera. Meanwhile, inside baby is all over the place playing and hopping like a 2 day old should. Perhaps she was just so excited to have a Real Goat Mommy!!! Wish I had the video camera, it was amazing.

After a dousing of the bubble fluid, Peach snorted a few times at her and was most likely surprised at the energy of what may have just caused her alot of pain. I pulled her just born baby around to her nose and let her smell her also, and just stepped back.

Nature did the rest!! Take a look!! It was a little dark in her pen but all is well and Mother and her Two babies are resting very Happily!!


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  2. Peach is such a good Mom...and we sure enjoyed seeing all the babies and mommies. Pearl seemed to be announcing to the other goats that the new pen was her's so maybe the last of the little ones will arrive in the next few days.

  3. GREAT job! Good thing she has such a good Mom to watch out for her and help when things get rough!

    This is what happened to my doe Spot this year... the first one was a buck with a huge head. I read this and experienced deja vu... well, 'cept for the video camera. Lucky. Can your son come to my house? :)

  4. I know it sounds a little over indulged to have a camera operating but,,truly if I had to purchase it, I would still be saving for it. I will tell my son, others think the same as me about having one. It sure helps in monitoring...a baby monitor is nice, but I would be running out to check on the girls constantly without it. I think it is an invaluable thing to have....P.S. ...he does like road trips!!

  5. I am thankful for the camera because I can keep an eye on goats and dear Sis.

    That said, it was almost entertaining to watch Sis do her work with poor Peach and House baby bouncing around with the excitement, up on Deb's back while she is bending over to help Peach, then on over to scamper across Peach while she lay there trying to push that ginormous head into the light.

    I am sure that Peach just figures the "first born" of the two is particularly athletic and a future goat Olympics long jumper and the second ......well, with that head .... goatbaby Einstein?