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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I know it sounds weird...but

I think my husband had something to do with it...

Since Sunday morning this week, I have had a dilemna with some of my cattle.
With this last storm of approx 4 inches of gully washer, it did just that...washed out a gully.
Taking a low lying fence with it. I found this out when 11 of my cattle were missing, which included my bull....bad news.

I found them Sunday midday on a point on the big river. They were in a good spot to retrieve them when it cooled down, so left them.
Next morning, Monday, neighbor west of me showed up saying he had my cows in his back yard.
Now that is a hike, even for a cow, so got my son and the mule and headed to get them brought back. I see them , but missing 1 cow and 1 bull.....really bad news. Since cow has a calf and the calf is with the herd and just hoping the bull and her are together. Where I found the cows, they would of had to cross a herd of 200 or more other cattle...which...if anyone of them were looking for companionship, my Bull would be happy to oblige. So I got what ones I found and took them home, but the orphaned baby had nothing of it..he ran back bellering all the way to the river.
That night I got home from work and took the mule and went everywhere, (well everywhere I could get with a mule and hiking here and there) and using binoculars searched and searched. Found the orphaned calf, still bawling and alone, and finally found my bull. He was doing what he does best and I think a plane could of landed ontop of him and he wouldn't of noticed. He had all his attention on a many of the neighbors girls.
Tuesday,,same thing....looked and looked and looked some more, and finally coming to realize...the poor mamma must of slipped into the river and drowned or she fell in a hole and either was dying a painful death or broke something. I hadn't slept in a couple of days, and I WORRY BIG TIME!!! I see every scenario and feel horrible!!!
Wednesday (today) comes with someone wrapping on my front door at 5:45 AM. One of the construction road workers, who tells me I have a cow out!! What?? I said...was she brown?? He says " Yup, and really skinny" ..I quickly told him I have had one missing for several days...gosh I hoped it was her.
I practically ran out the door with him and drove down the road to see her standing outside the fence bawling and bawling. She was skin and bones and MUD everywhere....she had to of fallen into a sink hole and had to of sat there for the last few days. Poor girl, pretty dehydrated, but still , her calf is in the next pasture which is separated by a barb wire today..I hope she bawls enough to get his attention. Barb wire will not keep the baby from his Mamma, and tonite I will somehow get everyone together....all but the Bull...who has other ideas right now.

This is where my husband comes in. While I laid awake each night and worried about every possible possibility and thinking she may be suffering...I asked him to look out for her. Must of worked and I gotta know...he is there looking out for me and the kids. Now Greg if your watching,,,help me with that Bull....cuzz its gonna take an army to divert his attention!!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010

all clear on the home front!

Camper/renter sent home to see his personal Dr....but he is getting around well.
Storm didn't scare the other camper, but he was second in charge so since the first guy was the Boss, seems someone has to step up.
Now we have gorgeous weather and the adjuster is coming on Saturday to check my roof and french door damage.
Most annoying thing about the storm was the fact that I left my window down about an inch on my pickup. The inside looked like it had been hosed. Roof to floor to door pockets completely satuarated. But the thing that really really really bothered me??
The started about midnight, the intermitent honking of the horn or alarm system. Possessed evil demon pickup, and by the time I or my youngest son would go hit the horn or hit the buttons it would quit.....for about 10-15 minutes. That kept up until 2:30 in the morning and I had decided to finally wise up and go take the battery cables off the posts. It had been raining and windy up until then and I didn't want to fight the hood of the pickup earlier. So I went out at 2:30 in the morning and started the pickup then got a brainy idea that running the heat and defrost on high could help dry out the controls. One hour later, I shut off pickup and went to bed...but I had been so tortured by being lulled into sleep only to have the alarm of the blaring horn...there was little sleep.
I stumbled through the entire day yesterday and now it seems I have LOST an entire day this week. I could swear its only Wednesday...isn't it. Also, walking to my car after work yesterday, I heard a horn honk. Totally had me freaked, and I really did whirl around expecting to see my pickup sitting there.....I think I need a nap!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Now ladies and gentlemen....that was definitely a storm!

Roof was heaving...the windows were billowing ...hail was pounding..the french doors exploded and water was everywhere. Then I heard a 747 landing on the roof. We were just heading to the basement when one of the camper/construction workers (who has his camper in my yard) was at the front door drenched and rattled beyond words. His camper was flipped and he took a ride. Couldn't see a thing outside, rain was unreal. So was the wind! Then the other camper was at the door and he lost windows and the hail and rain was drenching his place, but at least he was upright. First camper/construction worker was taken to the hospital, he was not feeling well at all.
I didn't lose power but, I am definitely keeping the doppler up on the internet.

Sounds like more is on the way through the night....could be a long one and tomorrow I assess the damage.
I just got inside and went out with flashlight to make sure all animals were safe and covered. They were all just relaxing high and dry!

Monday, June 21, 2010

and Saturdays Surprise!

I make a very purposeful effort to MAKE sure there are no mishaps in breeding schedules with the goats....errr...well....I am almost 99% sure that my little fainter blue eyed buck has never left his all!! So to my surprise and my absolute SHOCK I walked outside to find this tiny little adorable sweet amazing little baby doeling with my young yearling " THE Perfect DAIRY Alpine doe "I saved this last year for breeding. Fully intending to breed her to my very nice Alpine buck...ahh much later this year. HOW IN THE WORLD???? What did she do anyway??..sneak over the fences and go to the movies with my little fainter in the cold of January and then go home all by herself?? I remember her in heat in January and February and then she settled right down, just like an Alpine should when they are NOT bred..because they like to breed more toward fall and don't cycle usually thru the year. Regardless, she sure is a cutey and since her Momma's name is Chitty....we might just name her Bang Bang!!

Blue eyes are a dead giveaway!! My fainter buck has not missed a beat and throws blue eyes on every baby he sires....even the ones he shouldn't! ;)

Happy First Day of Summer!!!

Grandchild was here for a surprise visit and stayed overnite!!
The things my family does to entertain that little girl....never cease to amaze me, but it does make you smile!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

I didn't see the "last momma due to calf" with the herd last evening. So we took the mule and one son and I did a driveabout/walkabout in the farthest reaches of the pasture. Yep....there she was standing in the most unsuspecting spot...with that far away look in her eyes. I walked her back to the barn and had son go open corrals so I could lock her up in the barn.

It was a walk...and with that I noticed all the signs along the way. Runny poop...lots of stopping to pee and a very noticeable disinterest in grazing ( and yes I am talking about the cow, not me). and yes...cows are just like goats...just alot larger!

I checked on her at 3 AM and no change..just snoozing and still nothing at 7AM. Went to work this morning and called young son at noon to go out and check her. He called shortly and said...she has stuff.

Well, I had to make the call to the "expert" calf puller now (son who lives down the road) and told him I am heading home and to meet me there.

When I arrived, he had her confined in a pen and we quickly made a plan to tie her to a pole on the barn and squeeze her in a makeshift chute. (that means we took a gate and made a V with the wall and the Gate. Seems simple....but cows are pretty massively strong.

We got lucky, and once I had the chains on the feet it only took a matter of several very long minutes. Again, I do NOT have the proper puller for cows, just chains. Seems my son will demand a very good puller next time. He will have muscles sceaming at him tomorrow and I think this time he may just write up a bill. It's gonna cost me on this one! Its a Girl and to date now, I have 9 boys and 3 girls. Too bad my cows don't all calf in the same month like normal ranches!! Someday I will have this down and get this right and whether my son knows it or not, he will be repaid just might be in beef!!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soap, soap and more soap

I have a head start for the weekend Farmers Market, and soaped up a storm.

Good thing for rainy days and storms ....because that is the only way I can be found inside this time of year!!

I made Orange peel soap and Red raspberry and Blue Jasmine and a really nice scent of Lemongrass and Macha Tea, which is just incredible. Lavender was a new one to me also and I added some lavender buds to that.

I also have a green spearmint and and really interesting experiment of Coffee Grounds/Cocoa and Morroccan mint!! The mocha coffee one looks like blended oreo cookie blizzard and I will definitely be using that one as soon as it cures! I especially have fun with the experiment soap, so if anyone has any ideas on mixing different ingredients, I would love to try it and who knows could earn yourself a really nice bar of goat milk soap!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer blogging is just plain hard!!

I traveled to the cities to do a little cancer followup, then saw some sites. We've been having a fair amount of storms...but nothing severe. Planted a good share of garden, bottle calves are out in big pasture now. Chickens are growing...and starting to look pretty cool!! Got the second batch of chickens but they are freezer chickens...Sorry! The highway close to me is being redone and I have renters from the road crew staying in my back yard. I have finally mastered "Chevre"...Thank you Shanster!! I sent for some starter and it really is just that Simple! I am dog sitting for some good friends while they are in Washington DC (..he sure blends in with the bottle calves though...he is one big boy!) I have gotten to see my granddaughter only a couple times so far these last several months...and I need to travel alot more...I miss her!! The little girl who stayed with us this last winter is growing into a huge girl and is just as sweet as ever....I even think she remembers me!! and a million other goings on that are happening as I hopefully I get back to posting sometime soon. Believe me though, I check everyday on what everyone else is doing, and really enjoy seeing those. Good thing others blog better than me, I so enjoy reading everyone elses updates!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Skywatching in SD

doesn't get any better than this!