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Monday, November 1, 2010

One week ago...and Momma's Day Out!

I roasted chicken on Friday evening and planned the weekend for many meals of leftovers...

In the morning on Saturday, I treated myself to a delicious omellete. Which included my own eggs, a little roasted chicken(home raised), tomatoes(my own), onion(farmers market produce) and some wonderful Wisconsin Aged Swiss.

I played in town browsing my favorite places and found a wonderful set of Fire King Gay Fad Peach Blossom tall Collins glasses. I was excited...and that reminded me I needed a really good quality Vodka! I had ordered some Madagascar vanilla beans from Penzeys and wanted to try out homemade vanilla. I also found some fun foods and interesting ingredients for some other recipes I wanted to try later this winter...

I made the vanilla and put it in the pantry with the rest of my winter stash!!

then for supper..I roasted some winter squash and tried out a recipe for curry squash was...EXCELLENT!!!

and since the entire day was devoted to "Momma's Day Out"....I finished my day with a wonderful toddy in a (now favorite) glass!!
Some days you just have to treat yourself!!

See now...I'm not totally about goats, dogs, cattle and soap making...I take care of me too! (This post is a reminder to me that I really can do this more often...treat myself)

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  1. Mmmm...looks like some really good stuff you have there! I am especially fond of that ending,lol!