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Monday, November 8, 2010

an entire week Under my 6-7 & 8!

and I survived without any food fallout!! I even made pizza and a delicious stew with a nice crunchy pastry crust!

Although, I think the real kicker was I stayed outside and

1. Re-sided a portion of my garage.

2. Rebanked the barn wall with dirt and dug a ditch. (with aid of the bobcat)

3. Moved a couple tons of manure into a large compost pile and over garden. (bobcat)

4. Dug potatoes and turned soil in garden. (also used bobcat...I know...but it worked!)

5. Took down and reconstructed a large goat pen.
6. And for fun watched Toy Story 3--Now folks ...that was the movie to run out and BUY!!

It was a good weekend...although I did NOT get the heated water buckets set up for my goat pens.. I have just a couple of nights to get that done before the freezing weather sets in for winter.

Now with this Daylight Savings time change, HeadLamp Gear is a must...this time change really shortens the day!


  1. hummm
    a head lamp....thats a good idea

    message to self.......go on ebay to buy one!!!!

  2. Way to are a woman on a mission or a roll whichever you prefer more lol....for me it's Monday another day another try.

  3. Yay DebH! Way to go! And no kidding... I'm trying to tell myself darkness is wonderful and I will accept it into my life... grin.

  4. I've wanted to learn how to drive one of those bobcat's. Then I could borrow my neighbor's. Wouldn't he be surprised. Rosie looks good.