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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a mystery on the River!

My son was out scouting for a few pieces of twisted wood...when he came upon a washed up cache of wood. The river is extremely high this year and floating debris has traveled and deposited in some pretty unusual spots.

We find all sorts of odd lures of all kinds...oars..boat docks...and occassional bottles still intact.
Well, this one my son found was pretty interesting, as it had a note.
It read:
"On May 24, 1980 we,
Greg, Kathy, Mike & Shar, camped here on this site.
If your ever in Phillip S.D. please Thank Us for leaving you a nice campsite with plenty of wood.
Be careful - we killed a rattlesnake!!
Have fun! "

Now How Cool is that!! and don't you wonder how Greg, Kathy, Mike and Shar are doing these days??


  1. and on update...I emailed the Phillip paper and gave them photos. I just received an email from Kathy in Phillip who is quite excited and going to call me!! seems the paper contacted her..(small town) and her and Shar are still the best of friends! No mention on the men though....Hmmmmm

  2. Wow!That is truly way cool! Hope you keep us updated!

  3. awesome! that was 30 years ago? Yeah, tell us what Kathy says.

  4. This is quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever heard! I love it. Love it! Keep us posted for sure!

  5. How fun! A little time capsule... what a treasure! That pix is really eerie too.