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Saturday, November 20, 2010

and she said..."write it down"

I read a blog that has some incredible insight into loving what you do!

She writes it wonderfully! It so reflects my thoughts and my passion. Her last post on "write it down" really says it all.

I am passionate about what I do and my own life. I always have someone almost every day make a remark that says, " Why would you want to do all that work?" Well, her post says it all and while I can also state many of her same remarks on witnessing and experiencing life, death and self sufficiency, I too love every minute of it.

Just yesterday a co-irker, actually told me "You have too many animals" Seriously? Not one of my livestock are uncared for and not one is mistreated. I take great care with all of them and they are fed before I am. They are doctored carefully, they have a quality life and they are appreciated. They feed me and they heal me. That very co-irker is one though that has never in his life owned a dog. I simply don't see how I could possibly explain to him how fulfilling it is to care for and harvest your own sustenance. How amazing it is when you see those newborns have survived by your own hand and you are there to witness it and help when needed. I fret over them as much as I did my own small children. I am a good Mother and care dearly for anything that I am responsible for. I do not have too many animals and I know my limits. His remark is more directed at himself I believe, in that he isn't all that happy in his own life. His to me seems very unfulfilled. Each to his own. I don't give his a thought and he should not worry about what I do. I did not respond to his statement and I simply frowned. We don't click!

My enjoyment was just like this morning and every morning....I went outside dressed in layers. It has a windchill of below zero today. I fed an extra bale of hay to my 12 cows. I grained the two bulls and fluffed their hay. I fed the 5 horses and petted and hugged a couple. I greeted my three faithfull dogs and they followed me everywhere. I let out the chickens (70+) and fed and watered and set up some heated waterers for my goat pens. I took one very spoiled wether from the doe pen and put him back in with the bucks/wethers. I grained the Bucks/wethers.
I added two extra bales of straw to the bucks building and reenforced the fence...too soon for breeding just yet...a couple more weeks at least. I repaired a gate and checked on the thermal water tank for the cows/horses. I came inside and thawed out my toes and enjoyed a hot cup of coffee and sat down to read my favorite blog posts. I couldn't want for more actually and it makes me feel very strong in that I handle what I do and keep things (knock on wood) together. I do just fine!!


  1. Some folks can't understand how fulfilling your life is because they just don't want to understand,don't give it a second thought!You are a great farm woman!

  2. That's pretty much why I started to keeps reminding me of what I love to do, what I struggle with and with what I could use help and need to work on.
    Great entry!

  3. Amen! There are some very unhappy people in this world, we both work with them. I greet them, no matter their mood. It really irks them, it makes my day!

  4. I never do understand the people who've never owned an animal. But yeah - to each their own! I think you do just fine my dear!

  5. self awareness is a wonderful gift
    u have it