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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 2 and counting down to Turkey Day!!

Been talking alot to myself of late...and realize since I have taken or been in several photos of ME...its time to realize...this fat girl has got to get rid of a few extra useless pounds before winter hits.

Sorry, but I am going to post a little more frequently for my own personal log of sorts..

Please bear with me...

Now, when I look at that photo of myself atop the Milk Cow..truly I was thinking "I wonder if they will be able to differentiate which was the cow?"

But after this last farmers market and my daughter and I took my a Star Attraction with us to the market...(Starbrite) my little model Fainter goat...daughter also took a snapshot of me while I let people pet Starbrite.

I note a scary double chin..sad thing is....I wasn't even trying!!
So anyway...I started yesterday and so now I am midway through..(drum roll please)

DAY 2 and sticking with it!!


Starbrite was a hit and it definitely helped...cuz I had 4 bars of soap left for that final day!!

Atticus (my new pup) came with also...and that sealed the deals!

It made for a Fantastic ending to the Farmers Market 2010!!


  1. Yeah on a successful day at the farmer's market! Ohh,best of luck with dieting,it is a hard time of year to start with the holidays right around the corner! I think you look just fine myself, no need to diet!

  2. Melodie...You are TOO kind, but I will enjoy Thanksgiving all the more if I had just a few pounds off!! It's time!! You are seriously a Doll I might add! ;)

  3. don't beat yo'self up - you are beautiful...think we all see our faults much faster than anyone else ever would. glad you are taking care of YOU

  4. Shanster
    you made me laugh...I don't know about beautiful...but your also too nice. I know I am quite unique anyway! So my family says.. ;0)