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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ten Things That Make Me Happy!

This request comes from a wonderful blogger buddy who is most recently into selling some of the nicest Goatie Lotions you could possibly purchase. Check her out!! It is just amazing stuff and it comes from some pretty amazing industrious Goaties!

Shanster has given me a challenge to list Ten things that make me Happy! :)

1. Home- Yup...number 1 on my list. I am a middle aged gal who has lots of diverse interests, but find my favorite pasttime is puttering around my place. Whether I am redesigning the setup or taking care of my pets, it is the place where my blood pressure hits bottom and I totally find peace.

2. Children- They are actually my number 1 priority and I have become ingrained in always looking out for them, but they are older and I can sorta let my guard down.

3. Close Friends- If it weren't for a couple very good close friends in my life, it would of been pretty dull. Can't imagine a world without sharing my good times with them and my impulses...they all know about the impulses...which leads me to number 4

4. Impulses- I am probably about the most impulsive person that decides to think about something and then the next thing I want it and then I go get it! I love impulses!!

5. Adventures- Taking a walkabout or a driveabout (with a good friend/sister), Now that has always been a Good Time!!

6. Grandchildren- and actually that should and could very well be at the top of my list. I always use my granddaughter's face as my visualization when I have been to the Dr and they are checking out my blood pressure. She is my ZEN!

7. Great Blogs and Kindred Spirits- Shanster Goats N More is a Good one! Refer to first sentence in post!

8. Sunsets- Any one of them will do and add a nice warm evening with a frosty cold brewsky sitting on the deck and I am in total bliss.

9. Springtime- Absolutely thrilled when the birds are making the springtime noises and the ground is warm to touch.

10. A Good Thunderstorm- Love them and all the smells and sounds that go with. If I go from a zap of lightening standing in a Thunderstorm then know I was enjoying myself. Wouldn't that be the way to exit this world...with a Bolt of Lightening and an enormous clap of Thunder!?


  1. Well now, that is a good list! Have to agree on almost all of it except the grandchildren,only because I don't have any yet! Love thunderstorms!

  2. Right back atcha DebH! You are a PEACH! Love your list...

  3. Great list...I agree with so many of the things that make you happy!!

  4. Wonderful blog! Love your list. Ooooooh, love a good thunderstorm. Animals, friends and family at the top of my list. Has your other cow had her calf yet? How is Rudy liking his new playmate?