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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Removal Day

First up Rudy and his fine little nubs of came out and snipped them off while I was at work. Rudy is extremely friendly and had a habit of coming up behind you with his head down and bashing you behind the knees and simply pushing hard like those baby calves do with each other. While he was just playing,,I kept thinking when he grows to about 1200 lbs that head butting game was going to be dangerous. Then I noticed the pointy little protrusions of horns and I made a quick decision. When I went in to check him that night after they were cut off, he kept shying away from me and wouldn't dare let me near. Today now he is finally forgetting the painful ordeal and allows me to scratch his butt and rub his sides. I am slowing working my way back towards that chin scratch he is extremely fond of. He will come around and I sure know the removal of those horns are extremely important if I want to keep him a bull. Trust me...its for his and MY own good!


  1. It's okay Rudy. You'll be feeling up to your old self in no time.

  2. Yup - it's just a fact o' life. You'll be keeping him for the ladies then?