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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet some of the my Pack!

From Bottom left to right
D.J. age 9, Sparky (rat terrier, 3)
Top left to right
Angel- 6 yrs, Chris-12 yrs (my smiler), Tess- 5 months and growing (pyrenees/collie) and far right, Missy (3 yrs) lab cross

They all have become well behaved and ranchified quite well. Tess is my goat dog, who when strangers show up, she is in the goat pen giving them notice to stay away from the goat. Sparky the little rat terrier is our inside/outside little pain in the hiney. DJ follows me where ever I roam always looking for excitement and Chris is the Smiling Walmart Greeter. Angel and Missy have that lab cross that makes them a friend of everyone. We like our brood...even when
they stay up late at night howling back at the coyotes. Chris has managed to be bitten enough by rattlesnakes that I think she's immune. DJ has also used up one life and Sparky walks a thin line some days.
Angel and Missy are just soo very very happy when the son takes them anywhere in the pickup.
They live a good life and never a dull moment around here.
Good thing I've taken a few lessons from the "Dog Whisperer" and have assumed my place as the Alpha Dog here. Keeps the mishaps pretty few and far between...but then again...Spring is just around the corner and with that always comes a little mischief.


  1. Great Picture! Amazing that you got them to all stay together for such a great pose of the group.

  2. I guess I missed this post....what a cute picture!!
    Glad to meet some of your pack! I know waht you mean about Rat Aunt has one..LOL!!

  3. I have to give my daughter credit for this photo..she had just divied up some lefover prime rib from the holidays. They were patiently waiting for anything else she could have in her pocket!

  4. You have a very nice pack! I zeroed in right on Chris. I sense a very special dog there. How funny you mentioned the Dog Whisperer. I have used a few of his techniques with the goats and donkeys! My favorite is the 'shhhh' sound.

  5. DEBH! Somehow my link to your blog from my blog got stuck on the soap opera post so I kept coming over to see you and you hadn't posted... now I see why you were wondering where in the heck I was!! Wonder how that happened? anyway I love this post and seeing your pupper dogs!!!