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Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekend Warrior and a little assistance on my part...

There are a few projects in my basement to complete.

Actually the entire basement is the project and tackling one room at a time, it could be possible.

The basement has not been finished and while we have rooms with walls, there is no sheetrock. Wiring is almost complete as I need the family room wired yet, but one bathroom and now one bedroom is almost done. I have my master bedroom to finish along with the master bath and a large family room. Not sure what to do yet with the utility room, but that is the last thing I will worry about.

So far with a good kick start from my brother-in-law, he had finished the sheetrock and taping in the room and last weekend I completed the texture and painting. Now this weekend we did the trim and hung the closet doors and entry door. I put the knotty cedar on the walls and my son handled all the leveling of doors and hardware and of course ran the saw. I layed the linoleum on Sunday and layed down the pad for the rug. I need to finish a few pieces of rail trim yet, but ran out and need to buy a few feet more. Colin put up the lights and I think we just may have assembled a new room for my youngest son. Now for my bedroom I am going a bit more fluffy but I definitely love the knotty cedar look. I really like the wood look and that will be a look in almost every room. I would really like a rock tile look on the walls also so I am taking any suggestions!!


  1. Wow - I LOVE that knotty pine! You guys are amazing! Neat color too! Looks great to me!

  2. The knotty wood looks great! And you did the painting and texturing yourself? Beautiful. You all did a fantastic job. What color is your room going to be?

  3. I was looking at someones remake of a kitchen on a blog a few days ago and she had used alot of a lime light sherbert color of green. It was gorgeous and a coworker was telling me about some sticker type of wall design that had all sorts of apple tree branches and blossoms and things of that sort. I want a light fresh and relaxing look to my room, so will have to use some imagination with it.

  4. Wow, my room looks great! Csn't wait to see the rest.