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Sunday, January 17, 2010

First baby of the year!

Its a Boy!!

and Rudy is soooo very very ready for a playmate he was right in the middle of it expecting him to play already. After Momma spent a good amount of time cleaning him off, I fixed up a comfy spot in the barn and they are both resting comfortable. So glad it was in the 30's today as I arrived after he had been born by at least an hour.

Stylish ...the black bull in the photo even came to check him out but don't think he realizes this is his first offspring.

Meanwhile Tess stood guard outside the fence at a very respectful distance.

Of course tonite I will be nervous and go check in before bed but at least no 3 o'clock check for me.


  1. What a precious baby!! Congrats!!

  2. Awwww....sweet little one! So big compared to lambs and goat kids though! Wow! Really looks kinda curly too!

  3. Rudy has a playmate! Rudy has a playmate! My goodness he has grown. The new calf is very cute. Rudy has a playmate!!!

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  5. Hi DebH - congrats on the new arrival! He's beautiful! And thank goodness there is no 3am calving... shew!