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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The one piece of equipment I could not be without..

Meet my friend , my savior, my right arm and the one thing I whisper sweet nothings to in the dark hours before dawn.

"The Bobcat" but perhaps I should rename her. I like to think she would like a strong name like Sarah Connor from the Terminator. She can take a punch and keep fighting. She has definitely had her workout this winter and a few necessary fixes along the way. (Thank you Son!!)

Tonite she dug a path to a water hydrant that has been surrounded by 4 ft of snow. I have paths to everywhere and while it is starting to snow another 6-7 inches tonite, she waits for me while I feed and carry water. She is my Rock!


  1. I can see why! Good gravy! Are you looking forward to spring time? Thank goodness for your Drift Terminator!!!

  2. Yes Deb, Sarah Connor she is. I have a John Deere Gator and like you with Sarah, I love it. Have no idea what I would do without Gator ( I know, not an original name). We don't have the snow like you, otherwise we would have to have our own Sarah Connor. Hang in there, winter can't last forever! Anymore new babies? How's Rudy?