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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another blizzard and one steamy baby

Momma was looking pretty uncomfortable and I moved her to the baby ward in the barn. While she got down to business right away, she was taking longer than I liked. I was getting a little worried that this Grandma cow was taking too much several hours into the morning I did the panic call and had the vet come out and check her. She was just a little exhausted and not pushing enough. It took a little extra tugging and some chains to get this boy into the world, but it was COLD...who can blame him. Just a very nice Bull calf and no complications...just too much hesitation on Momma's part this time.

Check out the steam coming from the Momma and this just born baby. Wind chill is still at -20 , but they are inside and temperature is suppose to hit into the 20's today.
I will see how dry he is later this afternoon when I get home from work. He may just be sleeping over in the house in front of the pellet stove tonite.
I had another long tunnel to dig us out this morning..with 4-5 ft drifts covering my entire road leading to the highway. I am about to Holler ..."UNCLE"!!!
How many days till Spring!!?????


  1. Hooray for momma and new baby! It is nice when the scary situations turn out A-OK! Brr..I can't begin to imagine that kind of cold!

  2. I can just imagane that little boy not wanting to come out into the cold. I am glad it all turned out ok.

  3. Glad everything turned out ok!!
    Congrats to momma and baby...I hope he gets to come inside :)
    I can't even begin to imagine weather like that....I sure am ready for spring too though!

  4. Awww - he's a beauty and I'm so glad all was well! You've had all bulls so far right? This winter has been a little much... I keep telling the powers that be, "o.k., o.k., we get it! Let Spring come on thru!" Stay warm and thank goodness for your Bobcat!!!

  5. Yay!!!!! Both mama and baby are fine. And with temps like that,wow!!! Spring will be here before we all know it.