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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I'm serving these to the cowboys...

who are coming in the morning to help work cattle.  I am very excited as this is MY very first branding at my own house.  Branding my own cattle and along with that, they're getting some extra shots.  Anthrax is one of the extra shots I've requested along with the injectible wormer.  They'll have 5Way- & 7Way also, but here's the deal.
I have gotten to know a different feed supplier and he and his sons/grandsons go around to ranches with their branding pots and horses and ropes and do this sort of thing regularly.
I told him the other day that my 36 cattle all have names...they all like to be petted and have rarely ever or never been chased.  I lead them whereever I need them to go with a white bucket...
He said "Ah, maybe you best not be there!"
We laughed, but really is true.  The Vet that comes to do the Shots has a squeeze chute and while I have a fairly decent load chute area as of a year ago...I'm hoping for an easy time.  My girls are going to need an extra dose of back scratches after this.  A coworker of mine from the office suggested that the vet apply aloe to the brand sight.   I'm thinking I might bring it up.
They'll probably send me to town for some unnecessary item at that point..
My brand is registered to me and is a spinoff of my Fathers and my Grandfathers brand.  While I couldn't get the original, I had to come up with something pretty close.  I'll post a photo of the finished works after the ordeal. 
The E is flipped the other direction making a 3 on the right side of the D with the E riding on top the two.  It'll be cool because its mine.   I think what I'll be using this brand for most is marking my barn door and on tops....a million and one ideas!  I am excited!!

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  1. I think that would be the best part of having your own brand - all the place you could put it (besides the cattle).
    p.s. those rolls look amazing!