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Friday, May 4, 2012

Storm came in hard...


It was 10:30 at night and I just crawled into bed.  Immediately thought about the two sets of twins that were born that day.  The Mothers would be beside them, but since its been lovely, they were born outside and the Mothers wouldn't have them quite trained to follow them everywhere...they were just too new.  I grabbed flashlight and hollered to Son to come help grab babies...I could hear big raindrops hitting faster and harder.  I found my Starbrite, a fainter doe and a seasoned Mother, standing stoically braced against hail wind and rain.  Not budging no way, no how!  Babies cowering underneath her.   I grabbed babies and raced them and her to the barn.  I went back out and find the other new Mom, also a seasoned Mother, standing over by the bale feeder and babies trying to squeeze underneath to avoid the weather.  I hadn't taken too many steps and was greeted with the new Mom running past me into the barn and as she passed me... (without her babies),  I swear I heard her tell me.." You got it, Go get those babies...I'm heading in".  No standing by her babies to keep them protected...Nope...She looked at me to just get it done!  Grabbed babies and brought them to her, while she murmured to me to hurry up from the safety of the doorway.  I had to laugh at the difference in Mothering styles, but isn't that the way it is...some Moms are just smart.  Now to wonder which one!


  1. She's got some sense that one, LOL. I think you're the most protective of them all Debs! :-)

  2. I'm the same way. I worry about my lambs all the time and the other night we went to put them in their barn where they sleep and there were 2 huge copper heads. Let me tell you those snakes had a bad accident. Well, they have been staying with the cows now but I worry all the time.

  3. It is so funny how they all differ in their mothering styles...I do worry too and get up in the night to check.We are forever mothers I guess,weather human or animal babies are involved,lol!