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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Spoiled Goat..

Here, my Granddaughter and I are trying to take a fun video of baby goats.  All we got was a pestering video of Carmel, my little bottle baby, LaMancha, who likes people......alot!

Next up we have the Trifectas'.  two does and one buckling.  They are growing like weeds.   I think they've tripled their size in just 3 days!

The very next day, I was tickled with April , my super nice Toggenburg doe, the sweetest goat ever...delivered a gorgeous doe and  buckling,  I think I'll name the doe...Ziggy!  Can you tell why? 

Then the creme'de la creme..Star Brite, my fainter doe, delivered right on schedule.  She is my oldest doe and also my first Fainting goat I've had.  I bought a new Fainter Buck this year, in anticipation of a doe coming from Star Brite this spring.  I've always sold her kids and she is such a gem, that this year I wanted to keep a doe.  Of course.....she kidded twin bucks this time.  Just to keep me grounded..

                                                 but too darn cute for words....
     I just love the ears and the markings on these little guys...and Blue eyes to boot!!

then their's Pearl, my other Fainter doe, and she didn't she always delivers fat
little penguins.  This time a boy and a girl. 
But the hard thing with her babies is catching them when they aren't eating..
                                                          they are always eating...
  Such fat little penguins...I'm thinking about milking Pearl...She is looking like one of my dairy goats in the milk factory department.


  1. Oh I just loved this post. I didn't realize you had so MANY and now even more. That little LaMancha stole the show didn't he? Those little bucks are cute enough to be stuffed animals.

  2. Oh your kids are soooooooo cute!