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Monday, May 7, 2012

Loading a Bobcat

While this is NOT me, I have to share something that makes my heart go pitter patter...
I was pretty full of myself yesterday as I was using the Bobcat to lift 8ft big round posts out of the ground and cleaning up two very large piles of manure and clearing a large area for my new hay lot.
I had been using the grapples on the bucket to lift large loads of manure an haul them down a fairly steep incline to the draw below.  I had an extra large and heavy bucket load of manure that I knew topped the load limit but drove it down the hill with the bucket low to the ground.  When I went to lift it up to the top of the manure pile, I was still pointed downhill a tad and while many times I've tipped it with a heavy load to lift my back tires off the ground for only seconds...this time...I went up up and up with those rear tires.

About then the heart kicked in and I finally thought to lower that bucket quick.  Which brought me down hard.  I've seen this video some years ago and always thought about that tipping feeling you feel when your balanced on your front tires precariously and remembered this video....
Man, I wouldn't purposely try this for anything...but....I think I coulda  done this accidentally yesterday.

It just reminds me to keep my cell phone in pocket, when I gotta call the son to come fish me back upright when I've tipped me over...


  1. We will have to start referring to you as Evil Knievel,lol!Seriously though,Be Careful please!

  2. Now THAT was incredible! Goes to show that if a ramp isn't available well you can try this!
    Don't get any ideas Deb!

  3. Awesome fun! I've never driven one but would sure like to have a go. Take care with yours Debs.

  4. scare me rotten
    nice to catch up

  5. Loved the video. I am always amazed how gutsy men are.

  6. and Skip says, "Wow, oh wow...........wwwow" ( he is a man of not many words)