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Friday, May 11, 2012

Pre Mothers Day suprise..

And this was waiting for me after my lunch break...sitting neatly in the middle of my desk!
I'm saving that "chores promise".... as I've gotta hold him to it!


  1. Sweet. Not everyone knows how much that chores promise is really worth : )

    1. How true Michaele, and when I got home he had fed all the bottle calves and watered all tubs. I got to wander around and take a couple goats over to browse a weed patch and just dink...gad..that was nice! I think this weekend will go down in the memory books! Have a Wonderful Mothers Day yourself..You SO deserve the Best!!

  2. That is a great Mothers day present! You got to love a boy who will do your chores! My boy built me a milking shed..and I quote,"so you don't have to milk in the rain and you can hang a fan in there,"..I love it more than diamonds and gold. Farm kids...

  3. Oh! What a great present! Now if he'll just throw a few Peanuts in to the offer, you'll be set!

  4. It's the thought that counts! What a great gift, Deb! And you have it in writing!! lol