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Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Forecast for the week!

Same time last year...
This year has been a record setter.
I've ordered an extra load of hay to be delivered this week.  I am going to play it safe and have enough on hand just in case.  We could be having a scorcher this year and burn out all the grass, or we could be having a deluge of rain or a explosion of grasshoppers.... who knows, but at least I'll have hay!
I love this forecast though, but I think planting tomatos already might be a little premature...
There I said it, jinxed,  Let it SNOW!!


  1. We are expecting some of the same. It feels soooo good!

  2. Wow! What a different year! All that snow last year. Where I used to live a bit further north the old timers always said you didn't plant till after Easter. Down here I think there must be a different rule,if you wait that long you may have waited too late! Our temps seem fairly normal for a change and we have rain up to our knees,we are all hoping that means no more heatwave and drought.I don't think we can take another year of that,Plus all the hay is still being shipped in ,some from as far as Tennessee.

  3. Now if we could have THAT forecast here!...things would be OK!
    It sure has been a different winter here too!

  4. Holy Moley...great was 11 degrees Celsius here... that's 51 F so I snagged a trip to the beach.!