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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Soap Opera

So I said I would post some pictures of soaps and No...I don't do Soap Operas, but did once upon a time. Although, I was hooked on a couple of them, that phase of me is over....way over...

So onto a little Real Soap making
The Green swirl soaps are a fragrance of eucalyptus and energy.
The Bluish soaps When Pigs fly and plain ones are a Lilac and Sweet Grass,,,now thats a really nice light scent.
The purple swirl handmade marked soaps are Cucumber Melon and Lime and if I would had a little more green mica that would of been a better coloring but I like swirling stuff.

My friends and family will be tickled with the new scents and Shanster if your out there, send me an email with your address..I really want you to have a When Pigs Fly! Not that that says anything,,,I just love the quirky and that's not saying you are quirky either....OK...I stop with that! You are just a sister in Kind and I wish Everyone a Happy Blue Moon and Wonderful New Year!


  1. Wow, homemade soap. Very cool! The swirls are sooo pretty. Is it hard to make soap? Love the duck and the pigs with wings. Very comical.

  2. Aj-Oaks...not hard at all. Goats milk, Olive oil, coconut oil and I use a little sweet almond oil...add your caustic (lye) and stir with a electric beater and Wallah!! I watched a little on youtube on making and just tried the cold process. Surprising how simple soap can be and until you try a bar of goats soap...well..there is just no going is extremely silky! Send me your address...I would love sending you a bar!

  3. Hi Deb. Wow, that sounds so easy. Goat soap silky? I would never have guessed that. I have five Fainting goats and well, they sure don't smell real pretty! Especially the buck. Peeeeuuuuu!!! I would love a bar of your soap. But I sure don't expect you to send it for free. Let me know how much. My email address is Looking forward to hearing from you. Cindy

  4. Really? For ME?! You are so nice!! Now I'm squealing like a pig...

    I'll send you some lotion so we can revel in the goatiness of the new year! Yay goats! Your soaps are so pretty - mine always look like pices o' hammered poo!

    There IS nothing like goat milk soap... we are out and need to make more. The store bought stuff sucks all the moisture right outta ya. include your address too so I can send lotion! :) Happy New Year!

  5. Thanks for the sweet and supportive comment over at my place. Your soap looks wonderful! You have inspired me to be more creative in my soap making!

  6. Hey Deb! I got the soap in the mail - it's AWESOME! Love the scents - so nice! We finally got made/labeled more lotion this weekend ... I got my act together and got it in the mail to you yesterday so you should get it soon. Love the exchange of goatie products... Thanks so much for thinking of me! Smooches - Shan