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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Who wished for a Snow at Christmas!??

....and it can stop blowing anytime now! Regardless, we did have a wonderful Christmas and a memorable one at that. No power outage and the fridge was well stocked. Also everyone outside is comfortable and protected but I note a little "cabin crazy" in the goat arena this morning. Hopefully this afternoon when the wind finally puts the last of the snow in its final resting spot, I and my trusty Bobcat can make a dent in it! ...the second photo is of my basement walkout sliding doors...NO walking out those anytime soon!

Merry Christmas all!!


  1. Um, is that snow on the window?! And the snow in the doorway! WOW!!!!! Here we get maybe a foot of snow and that is when we are lucky. I'm sure you don't like it very much, but to me it is so beautiful. Love the pics. Oh, by the way how is the calf doing? Cindy

  2. the second photo is of my sliding glass doors downstairs in the walkout basement..well..I mean shovel out basement doors. Hoping the wind shifts and rearranges the snow a little, otherwise it will be March before we can use that door!

  3. We are calling it a White-out Christmas. Good times!

  4. Yowza! Your drifts make ours blush in shame! Same here... not THAT much snow, but man, that wind really tore it up and moved it around!