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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Where did she fit all those??

                              I'll post the photo later tonight...but this is Jezzabelle from yesterday...

Lets just call this the "Before" photo...and here's the After...

 always surprises me how big they are...I just don't see how its possible that they all fit!
2 does, 1 buckling and it seems the buckling is the smallest and a little thin.  Looks like the girls were getting the cream this time.   I milked Jezzabelle and made sure everyone had a first shot of cholostrum then headed back to work. Tonight, I sat and watched all the babies to make sure they knew where the milk bar was and that they all had full tummies.  This Momma knows her stuff as she does a constant head count and if one should of crawled over to the other pen...she keeps checking to make sure she sees them all.  She has always been one of my best milkers and I know she'll have plenty to feed them all...but I'll keep a watch anyway.  Now while its howling and raining outside, I think the real fun will start inside.
Just 6 more to go and my window is closing...I only had the goats with the bucks for 10 days.  The best part is that I have the next 3 days off and I can keep a close eye.


  1. Can't wait to see the "after"!

  2. Just read through a good chunk of your blog - love all the pictures and your writing style :)