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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My colorful world...

Saturday around my place are for doing the bigger jobs.  It seems more often than not, that when I have cattle calving or goats kidding..they tend to save it for the weekend.  Which sure makes me happy!
Today I got a very nice surprise...and one of my red jersey/hereford cross heifers gave me some color.

after watching and seeing he was up and getting his first milk... I decided to walk around the place and see how much color I actually have.
 this little girl is my super sweet gentle yearling.  Her momma is Big Baby, but this little girl is a chip off the ole block...can't really call her Little Baby, as she is rounding out just a tad.  She's a keeper and one who I'll fret terribly about when she has her first calf.

 I won't let her calf until she's well over 2...just so I'm not quite so nervous.  She is such a gentle girl and she likes scratchin..
So on with my walk...and color shows up everywhere...

seems I like color and when I have one that is just a solid color I can always add a little color...
Now this last calf came from a pure black Jersey/Angus cross Momma, with Rudy for the Papa, (Jersey/Guernsey) Bull.   Even though she's dark black/brown she is a knockout!  I just love her eyes.

My goats start kidding next weekend already.  I think I'm going to get some very nice color this year...its just the pattern this year, and I am loving it!

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  1. Such cuties! Now I want me a milk cow that wants me to pet/scratch her! Yep that is what I need is a cow that is that gentle!