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Sunday, April 15, 2012

My youngest son told me Friday...

that he was going to prom.   He called me while he was shopping for clothes, Friday, after school.  I was just leaving work and I asked if he wanted me to stop and help him choose some formal wear.  He said...Sure!  Knowing of course, that way, I could do the purchase. 
When I arrived at the store, he had a few things he had tried on and he was taking his time choosing just the right shirt.
I've been pretty overwhelmed at work with tax deadlines this week and while I try to keep up on school things, this week was a serious wreck!
So I ask the boy, "So when is Prom?" 
Tomorrow, he replies.

Well, nothing like a boy to wait to the last minute to worry about a little prom event.  Sure wasn't anything like a girl planning for prom....with all the hair decisions and nail grooming and fittings and deciding.  Nope, he tried it on....he switched between a couple shirts and then done.
                                                           the cheering section
                                                and since he's my youngest and he's got one more year of high school...I sure hope he lets me know a little sooner about his next prom.  I enjoyed the activity and even had time to grab a quick boutonniere.

 I think of his Father at these times and realize how he would of been so proud and even quite silly about the entire event.  I have to smile at that!  This boy was quite a changing point in his life and Greg enjoyed being a Father.  He was good at noticing when the boys needed to talk and he would like to pester with all sorts of questions.  I've worried that I wasn't telling this child enough about shaving and using cologne and making sure he acted polite.  But while I know I make mistakes...he's turning out just like the rest of his brothers.  Pretty darn nice, and thoughtful, and helpful, and especially easy. 
I'm starting to get a little sad about having my youngest a Senior next year, and while I have a little granddaughter or two who will keep me busy attending events...I feel I'm needing to prepare for the next stage of raising children.  I know I'm just going to have a hard time letting go...and maybe I'll just keep him home for a few more years.  Ha!  I think he's got plans...


  1. How grand that prom can actually be spontaneous (almost). Hope he has a great time. I have two more years before my youngest (twins) graduate. I have been a mom since I was 17. I am 53. I have no idea what to be other than a mom.

    1. same here! Started at 17 and I'm 54. I've got 5 children, with oldest 37 this year. The oldest is handicapped so I think I'll always be mothering there, but I get a 2 week break every month where she has her own apartment and work schedule. Yup, must be why we put the animal care into our keep us mothering..

  2. Gotta love sons! Lol made me laugh that the prom was the next day! He has good taste in clothing!