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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fergie and Flossie...go for an evening stroll

When I'm home, I try to let the baby bottle calves run in the yard.  They stay in a fenced area thats 20x20 but they need a daily dose of stretching those legs to keep them happy!  Thats what I think anyway...
Flossie is the total black, little heifer calf.  She's a cross holstein/jersey mix heifer.
Fergie is the full holstein heifer and she's the more docile one...even though Flossie is tame as they get...she has attitude I can see coming a mile away.  When she dips her head down low and skips around me I can tell she has a little devil in her already.  Will have to nip that in the bud, but when I allow them in with the big girls....somebody always gets a lesson in manners.   For right now though the babies are seperate and I'll keep it that way for some time.  This allows me lots of one on one with them and they know what human hands are really about.

I've picked up calves at the same dairy now for several years.  This year was the first year I was allowed to purchase a heifer calf.  The gal who runs the show there said she was going to be gone that weekend for her sons wedding and she'ld mark two different heifer calves for me to choose from.  I told her I'ld like one heifer and one steer as heifers are spendy and I didn't want to spend that much.  When I arrived and she had them so nicely labeled with my name was hard to choose who got to have a nice long life at my house.  My Dad who was standing beside me said..."Yup...I know where this is leading"...

So home came both heifers and I didn't even want to look at the little steers. It took me just a few minutes to say, Ah crap...I'll just take the two girls.  Besides this way they'll be buddies and who doesn't need a buddy to grow up with!


  1. Now that is just cute! I couldn't say I would have done much better,I am sure I would have got the pair also! There's just no hope us when it comes to new critters I guess. If I didn't live where the pasture was so uncertain I would love to have a milk cow.Are you going to be milking these girls one day?

  2. They are so dang sweet. I would love to have a calf pet : ) Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it.

  3. I love it when our bottle babies get to running and jumping. I'm like you when it comes to deciding.