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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

my want....

(Vermont Bun Baker)

all I want for Mothers Day!!

Kids....are you out there???

I have 5 children...and I sure hope they read my blog on occassion cuzz I have a serious WANT for one of these!!
But kids...I see others have one of these! Its all I will ever ever ask for. I will do chores and stuff and never ask for another thing....REALLY!


  1. That is a seriously cool toy! Oh, on a cold, blizzardy, winter day? I would LOVE this thing.... how cozy and yet so functional!

  2. rofl... thats a nice toy there your asking for :O)..

  3. We could probably "make" you something like this....

  4. Oh...I hope you get this! Happy Easter!