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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Goat Milk Caramel!

Anybody out there have a killer recipe for caramel?? I think it would be quite the hit at the farmers market. I know I would be buying some. I was thinking of the black cows we used to get. They were caramels on a stick and had a chocolate coating on them. They were pretty chewy and similar to the sugar daddys. If I could do the goats milk caramel and put them on a stick and dip in a little chocolate....I would just call them Brown Goat!! I know.. not very original but I guess you had to be there!! Ahhh the 70's...


  1. I remember those! Do you have that book "Goats Produce Too?" - I'll check to see if there is a caramel recipie in there and if so I'll shoot it over to you! I know they have fudge recipies and isn't caramel just milk and sugar stirred over heat til ... carmelized? Couldn't hurt to try! grin.

  2. If you find a good recipe I sure hope you post it! The 70's were great...well..what I can remember of them! OH wait! That doesn't sound right...I can't remember them all because I was a youngin not because I was partying,lol!

  3. I've got a great recipe but I've got to get to doing my taxes. I'm stalling. I'll send it your way next week. I use goat milk in the recipe. I've done the sugar daddy with this recipe also. You just cook it longer.