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Monday, May 31, 2010

A Memorable Weekend

Started with my first attending of the local Farmers Market.
I was nervous......

So we set up and before I knew it...I was getting pretty nervous now that I didn't have enough soap!! I managed to make enough money to put a little in my pocket and still go buy a fancy Awning.....(like everyone else had). I know..I know...but I have to keep up with the neighbors!

There weren't many vendors yet, as there isn't alot of goods to sell this time of year. But I met alot of people and had a Wonderful time! Also..Shanster if your out there?? Goat milk shaving lotion, that is the hot ticket! I had a conversation with a gal who is going to sell next week at the Market, she converts junk into neat junk..(well thats her explanation anyway). She uses the Goat milk shaving lotion and it sounds like something very lets find a recipe!!??

Also, sells some incredible lotions also. They are really well packaged and just the best deal all in one!!

p.s. Shanster...the left click thingy on the mouse and pasting didn't work all that I slow or what!!


  1. Glad you had a great time. First times are always the hardest because you really don't know what you got yourself into or how it is going to time will be even more fun.

  2. Your stuff looks great! Glad you had a good weekend. Keep up the good work--gotta get that awning!!

  3. AWESOME! I knew your stuff would sell like hotcakes cuz it is WONDERFUL! Yes, you will have a great time next time without as many first time jitters... and geez! Talk about making me blush.... thanks DebH! grin...

  4. We sold eggs at the Farmers Market last season, and really enjoyed it. This season, we've been busy with goat shows so far.

    Yes, we had our blue canopy. Selling eggs, helped pay for some feed. Good luck!

  5. That dog biscuit lady is a nice gal, she handmakes her items and she's a nut. She rescued one dog, adopted another. Her dogs ride with heads out windows and loves dogs that have the chance to run and run some more. Welcome to the market Deb, it was good to meet you and I love your soap!

    Bab's Bites 'n Bones (the dog treat lady) :)