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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Manicures and Toddies for Mothers Day!

All the girls lined up for the hoof trimming and worming scheduled. While they all behaved extremely well.. goat chow is the key. They have all been up on the stand before and some even left with a new hair style when all was done.

Everyone was just wonderful...all but...the wether. I have been calling him "Buster". He is extremely spoiled and lives in with the Mommas and babies right now. He is a
"in your pocket and under foot while nibbling at every part of you type of wether. ... we like him anyway...

I led him out to the stand, and actually had him on it after a tussle..then the explosion. My daughter held on without letting go, (which may have saved me) as I grabbed for legs and finally we all ended in a pile. Nicky straddling the top half and I on the rear. Well we managed to get all four hooves done and he of course did get his treat(even though he didn't earn it). Funny part was while we were almost done with him..Nicky said, Gosh he is BIG!! That's when I realized, Yes he is!! Now as I think back, I am amazed the two of us handled him. Surprising what you can do when you don't have to give it thought and worry about it and you just HAVE to finish what you start! oh yea and my back hurts....

(sorry no photos, not enough hands)


  1. Goat wrestling......maybe that should be an Olympic sport,lol!

  2. HA!! Melodie, that would be an excellent Olympic sport...and one I could aspire to! So glad to see your Ok and back, was wondering about you?! Sure hope your back heals and your feeling better, but it looks like it didn't slow you down. What alot of planting you have done!! We don't have a thing in the ground here yet, but for potatoes and onions. It snowed and reached 27 degrees just a night ago. Again, we are going to have a slow start to spring!

  3. Congrats on getting Buster done! Man oh man... 'dem goats is STRONG when they don't want to do sum'thin. I'm amazed at you two...