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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A chick of many different colors..

Ok...anyone out there know their Chicks??!! I am so curious as to what sorts of chickens I have now.
I ordered Rainbow Layers (many varieties...they choose), Ornamental Layers(many varieties..again they choose) and Rarest of the Rare ( GOBS of different Rare Varieties...also they choose).
So What might they turn out to be?? I think I see some Houdans? or Top Hats...possibly a Turken or two..then there are some Feather footed of course. Gosh are they ever cute?
Now, when I get my order of Cornish Giants, at least I know what they are going to be(sorry folks...dinner). Meanwhile, it sure will be interesting to see just what type of chicken I actually Ordered!


  1. Omg look at them all, wow so adorable. That's gonna keep you busy for sure.

  2. OH what cute fuzzy peeps you have!! LOVE them! Maybe the silver one is a silkie? I dont' know my chicks...gaaaa! The brown with marble stripes could be an Americauna for blue eggs...? Can't wait to find out what they are tho!

    ooo - we are going to try a handful o' broilers this year. A friend of mine in TX said he raised some on cracked corn soaked in goat milk.. said they were so tender and amazing.

  3. Shanster-- Thank you for that tip on goats milk and crack corn, THAT I will try! If you order from McMurrays just gotta ask the lady about raising the Cornish Giants. YOU will absolutely hoot! It sorta sounds like me at Thanksgiving on raising them..they just can't push themselves away from the table. Bad thing is they can drown or choke themselves..since they fall asleep whereever. That will be just fun to say " They taste so good, cuzz of the Goat Milk!" Too Good!!

  4. Oh, look how many cuties you have. Love the grayish looking one. Hmmm, have not a clue what ya' got there. Going to be fun watching them grow up. You think you might have Houdans huh? From personal experience I am not impressed with the two I have. Mine have no personality, aren't regular egg layers, kind of on the mean side with the other chickens.