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Monday, May 2, 2011

weighin in...

My total weight loss to date = 19.6lbs

Friend/Diet buddy is to date = 25.something pounds...but who's counting
Ok, seriously she is doing unbelievable!
I on the other hand have slipped and HAD to have that treater and the brownies and a beer and cheated on too many occassions. Granted I haven't gained any weight and I have my tummy fat down considerably and even had to get some clothes in smaller sizes. So even though I don't have my own Food Police at my house like my friend, I still need to answer to my close friend and face the facts.....DO NOT Cheat!

So back to reality and pay attention. This diet program works. Its the cheating that doesn't!
I still have 20-25 lbs that I need to lose and by then I will have adapted into a very good habit of eating my veggies. One thing is for certain, I have loved the veggies and those you can eat and eat and eat....


  1. Woo hoo...way to go there DebH. Congratulations...maybe you can inspire me I have slacked big time lately.

  2. hey! Almost 20 pounds is great! I wish I could do that!

  3. You're doing great and are being way too hard on yourself! Remember we'll be out trekking in the rock beds soon enough and that will help inspire us to continue on our diet journey! Just think how much better we'll feel out there walking with 25 pounds of fat off...more rocks we can carry!! : )

  4. Also we'll be posting our before and after pictures!!!

  5. Great job!!
    And I agree with are being too hard on yourself!