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Saturday, May 7, 2011

pre-Mothers Day Events

First born son is coming by and building me a calf shelter....
Second born son is coming by and helping....
I have a full day of tilling, planting, fencing and relocating the new baby chicks to some new "Outside" digs.
I will start my Mothers Day today with hints for helping me with tilling, planting...fencing...and any other impulsive idea that I might just have today..
Oh yes...and help me move the new(to me) wood cook stove my darling sister gave to me last weekend. I am pretty excited about it and hope to very soon have it set up in my new hobby/work room of my new barn again the boys are going to build for me.....
It isn't the Vermont Bun Baker that I still dream about, but pretty close. Its the 1920's cast iron oven Wood stove with a beautiful intact icey grey/blue enamel with 4 burner plates complete wtih water reservoir and backsplash bun warmer in excellent condition. It needs a little rust removal but nothing is warped, broken or rusted through. Its Beautiful!! We use one exactly like this at the familiy cabin in the Black Hills. I already know how to cook a mean Turkey, Pot Roast and even fluffy cakes in one of these things and I am very anxious to crank it up this winter.

I suppose I better get those plans drawn up for my barn soon before the boys get busy with their own summer plans.
Sure wish Mothers Day came around once a month cuzz I'm not afraid to use it!
Nice thing children don't really need much encouragement in treating their Mother right.
Seems we did some things right and raised some awfully nice kids.

Now on that brings to mind some weekends of cutting wood and stacking wood and hauling wood. Gosh am I glad I had 5 children!


  1. Oh my, the stove sounds wonderful. I can already smell the caramels comin' off that stove! Enjoy planting, feels great to get into the dirt!

  2. Sounds like you have a great Mother's day planned! It might not sound great to those"city"moms,lol,but us to us country moms it sounds wonderful! I maybe a little jealous of that stove :) !

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! It's fun hearing from people in so many different places. Sounds like your Mother's Day must have been busy, but fun too! Have a great week!

  4. I hope you had a fabulous mothers day! What good kids and they are so good cuz of YOU.

    Congrats on the stove - it sounds amazing! I can't wait to see pictures!

  5. Hi there from New Zealand! I saw your comment about fainter goats over at John's Going Gently blog, and thought I would pop in to visit. I hadn't heard of fainting goats before, so I Googled - what fascinating animals!