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Monday, February 22, 2010

and I thought he was dying!!!

he definitely sounded like it when I got to his shelter. My little Toggenburg boy (Mr. Delicate) was screaming horribly. I jumped the fence snaggin my pants and ripping some skin. Fell to my knees and crawled into the building to find him laying OK but still screaming bloody murder. I had him with two of his Togg girls for all of this winter and recently decided it was time to move him to the boy pen. While my little fainter buck is smaller than him , my big Alpine is huge. The Alpine is the gentleman though,,the fainter...well...he always is the BOSS.

They were not bothering him these last few days,,but I think he had a case of lost love. I ran with him in my arms to the house and put him in front of the pellet stove. I gave him a dose of penicillium and put a small amount of sweet feed in front of him. The only other thing I had done with him when I moved him was to worm him with Ivermec. Within an hour he was standing and warming nicely. He felt like he had shriveled down to nothing in these last few days and I kept him in until he was walking around trying to escape his boundaries. He is alive and well...and to date now...EXTREMELY spoiled!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

The LAST Snow Storm of the Year!

If you say will happen.

Meanwhile back at Winter Wonderland..the pups are enjoying a winter roll in the snow and the baby calves are finding the flavors of molasses licks pretty tasty!
Momma cows get a tasty treat of cracked corn while Rudy the oldest calf has a very noticeable addiction to the sweet lick mineral while the newby is just interested in playing.

..and lesson to self....stay farther away from the gate when moving snow.
(p.s....for a better chuckle... click on each photo for better viewing)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

another blizzard and one steamy baby

Momma was looking pretty uncomfortable and I moved her to the baby ward in the barn. While she got down to business right away, she was taking longer than I liked. I was getting a little worried that this Grandma cow was taking too much several hours into the morning I did the panic call and had the vet come out and check her. She was just a little exhausted and not pushing enough. It took a little extra tugging and some chains to get this boy into the world, but it was COLD...who can blame him. Just a very nice Bull calf and no complications...just too much hesitation on Momma's part this time.

Check out the steam coming from the Momma and this just born baby. Wind chill is still at -20 , but they are inside and temperature is suppose to hit into the 20's today.
I will see how dry he is later this afternoon when I get home from work. He may just be sleeping over in the house in front of the pellet stove tonite.
I had another long tunnel to dig us out this morning..with 4-5 ft drifts covering my entire road leading to the highway. I am about to Holler ..."UNCLE"!!!
How many days till Spring!!?????

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The one piece of equipment I could not be without..

Meet my friend , my savior, my right arm and the one thing I whisper sweet nothings to in the dark hours before dawn.

"The Bobcat" but perhaps I should rename her. I like to think she would like a strong name like Sarah Connor from the Terminator. She can take a punch and keep fighting. She has definitely had her workout this winter and a few necessary fixes along the way. (Thank you Son!!)

Tonite she dug a path to a water hydrant that has been surrounded by 4 ft of snow. I have paths to everywhere and while it is starting to snow another 6-7 inches tonite, she waits for me while I feed and carry water. She is my Rock!