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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mayo & the Fall Tour

Every year for the last (knock on wood) 7 years...I and family or friends...head to MN for my yearly Cancer Check. I really should start calling it Cancer Awareness check, because while time moves on in everyday life...I really forget about the word. That is until I head to Mayo and see all sorts of people doctoring and in all sorts of conditions. I always get a wake-up call and as it gets to be year after year, I worry a little harder when it approaches. Has to be old age!! I am getting very good at worry! All tests were great and no sign of any reoccurence. But....while I still waited at home for the results of the Pap test, I didn't give it another thought until...

Dr leaves the message on the me in the morning. So I did. He wasn't available and receptionist said nurse can give me the reports. So I visited with his nurse. She wouldn't give me any info and said I needed to talk to the Dr. My crazy side of my mind went into major overdrive for the rest of the day until he called .....around noon the next day.

Seriously had my funeral planned and how I would tackle it for now and who I would give animals too and how to go about it....YEESCH!!!

When the doctor finally called, he asked how the rest of my trip was....fine I said...and silence....then he asked if I got to see the vibrant colors this year....of course...and silence..finally...he gave me my results. Negative...but always...always...he wanted me to be on guard! (he really is a good Dr and becoming quite a friend) I told him he made me suffer and he always keep in touch with the fact that I did HAVE Cancer and that I really shouldn't let my guard down. I get it...but from now on...he has my cell number for getting in touch!


  1. Goodness,how scary! I am so glad it was all OK in the end!I love that first picture!

  2. Geez, you had me holding my breath!!! Glad everything is a-ok.
    Those pics are gorgeous. Oh, love your ride!!! :)

  3. I am so happy to hear all is well! You also had me holding my breath, I was about to panic reading it! Such beautiful trees. One day I will venture north to see something so vibrant.

  4. Geez. I think sometimes they don't know what impact they have witholding news or not getting back about something like that. I'm sorry...awful!

    I'm so glad all is well and you have a clean bill of health.

    LOVE your pix - that tree is amazing!

    Take care of yourself -