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Friday, October 15, 2010

adding to the brood...

Tomorrow we are going to the outback country of northern SD. The ranch that raises the Great Pyrenees, uses them on their 25,000 acre place for sheep patrol. I have visited a great deal with the owner and it really sounds like their place is all business....I think they have 10 Pyrenees and each one of them guards their own flocks. Sounds incredible doesn't it? The pup we are picking out is 8 weeks old and I am told they are all the Badger marked Pyrenees.

Question is...HOW do I just pick one and not come home with all 6 that they have to choose from??? Boy is this going to take alot of self control.


  1. Omg they are so adorable....I bet you come home with more than one lol I know I could you choose....well good luck! Can't wait to meet your new addition.

  2. Oh yeah, that is going to be tough! Best of luck to you at only bringing home one!

  3. If it's any help I would choose the one on the right. There is something in those eyes and that face that screams take me home. Oh my gosh how cute they all are. Looking forward to seeing which one you bring home. Do you have a name picked out?

  4. Pick all 6 Deb! They are adorable, I'll stop by the market next week and play..the kids will love'm. Look at those faces.