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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

To may fantastic Coworkers!

I mean really....who could ask for more from their coworkers on their birthday!!

of course this was just the treaters for after the Grand Mexican meal they prepared with spicy quesadillas and all the fixings followed by a spectacular baked rum banana pudding dessert!

(gosh its nice...but I wonder if they're just scared of me or truly respect me?)
I think they are nice either way...and I would still like them if they were scared of me though! ahhh....but fear can be a powerful thing...huh girls? ;)


  1. I would call this spoiling you lol...wonder what they are up too. lol...It sure is nice to have great coworkers, makes such a difference in your daily life, doesn't it.

  2. Well Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had quite a feast!!

  3. I smell fear...that's why they gave you booze silly girl, to keep you calm! : )

  4. Happy Birthday to you!!! Fear is a very good thing... keep 'em quaking!!! grin.