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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Have you met Lucy-Fur?

She is evil and she's been on the "Will Sell List"!
I purchased her as a yearling about 2 years ago and while I was pretty naive about goat purchasing, I expected all goats know what a human is......that was my first lesson.....
She has bruised me terribly, biten me when I least expect it....knocked over many many buckets of milk and evaded my reach with a many million attempts to grab. Her feet are horrible...or rather WERE horrible and she has the worst udder imaginable, with all of it sinking into the teat. She was a terrible Mother and only accepted the kids on HER terms and only when SHE was ready. If she were anywhere else, they would of made her into coyote bait! seems I have the patience to accept her faults and work with them...because not only does she milk a good quantity ( with such a poor quality udder) ....she also stands at the gate and waits her turn for milking. She waits patiently while she has already finished her grain, for me to finish milking. And above all is actually rather sweet....when you get past all the bravado! I guess she can stay, but boy did she teach me a thing or two! Though I expect she is going to teach me many many more lessons. Don't you just see it in those eyes!??


  1. I love it Lucy-fur! You are so clever. Well... sounds like she is settling down and maybe YOU are teaching her a couple things! She has awful cute speckles and spots.... even for all her devilish merriment at your expense. grin.

  2. hmmm...I think we may have her cousin here at our farm,lol! Doodah...she is a royal pain but she gave us triplets this year so...she is worth it...I think!