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Friday, July 3, 2009

Trips to the River to find my cows..hold on

Took a drive to the river to find my girls. I don't see them for days unless I go down looking for them. They like it best on the shore of the river when the flies are heavy and the days are Hot!
When I finally get them home they always look so huge and have grown wide and glossy. This year the grass is drying too fast and the hoppers are really multiplying. If you look really hard you can see the girls, (dark spot on a point in the bay) They are still quite a ways away but you can understand my worry when the Big Baby bottle calf followed them one day and didn't come home till morning...all by herself and very very hungry. She stays here in the yard now with the other bottle calves. Gotta hand it to animals when they can figure things out and find their way home from this far out!!

Next clip is from standing on the ridge and trying to zoom in on the girls. Gives you an idea of the country I live in.


  1. Boy they sure do venture off a ways! You sure do live in a beautiful area.

  2. Good thing you panned down to Chris...for a monent I thought that was you panting!! : )

  3. Wow! It is so very vast. I can't imagine having to search for your animals.