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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

nighttime Tornado Warning!

The First photo is just a lightening strike that lit up the night sky. Looks like Daytime! The next two are the wall cloud that spawned a tonado but scooted across the southwest sky from us. Very impressive from a distance!!


  1. We were wondering if you got hit last night. We got lots of thunder and lightening and a small amount of rain. Dan still has some plants to get in the ground yet, so he's hoping to get that done this morning. Hope your garden is okay!

  2. SCARY! I like a thunderstorm now and again but when things begin looking like Wizard of OZ before the tornado hits... it's plain scary!

  3. Those pictures are super, super scary. The only weather event I'm afraid of is a tornado. I'm glad that it didn't hurt you in any way. Awesome pictures!