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Sunday, June 7, 2009


I needed a little rest and recreation. My dearest friend and her amazing partner were my hired hands while I was gone...only for a night I may never get them to do it again. Only one little catastrophe, but they handled it like pros. Like the movie, " Thelma and Louise" and they raised their hands together and headed for the cliff..."let's keep on going and don't look back!!" I actually heard Dan saying that in the background while Sharon is giving me details of the fiasco. They were hopefully when I have to be gone to a wedding on June 20??? What will it take?? I wonder?? I was thinking I could give them a quarter of beef for all the help they offer...but...I am thinking they are working for the prime cuts now! I can't thank them enough. Next time I go anywhere though, I would love for their company and wonder who could I get for backup?

Having someone I can trust to my animals is Priceless!


  1. So you're needing a babysitter on the 20th huh? Well, I'm in desperate need of a session at the beauty shop so...maybe we can make a deal. We really didn't have much of a fiasco, I'm just glad I noticed the girls running over the hill so we could go back and get them in. We did have a good laugh over the whole ordeal!

  2. No kidding! They are worth their wieght in gold! I'd help but... sadly I'm in CO! :) Gotta love such good people.

  3. Holy cow! Did you read what Shanster wrote!? I'm worth my weight in GOLD! If that's the case I'll be SD's next millionaire! : ) I thought that having the Wii call me obese was a bad thing!!!

  4. I cannot imagine trying to ask someone to help with the animals!

    The last time I asked good friends did help. I was 2 states away when they called one night. A grand daughter kept repeating, "Oh my God," in the background. My heart stopped. It was nothing, she was just being a teenager, but it sure scared the dickens out of me!