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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Frost Free Zone

Looks like we will have tomatoes setting on before we even get them in the ground.

I am hoping to plant around early May, but I could be getting ahead of myself!!

I am experimenting with my son, who thinks transplanting to bigger pots as it grows makes a good plant, whereas I think snipping the tops down and letting base get large is my theory.

We will see.....


  1. Let's see...with your early tomatoes, the mozzarella cheese,and Dan's pesto we could be having bruschetta before the plants are actually in the ground! As far as the snipping or transplanintg goes, do a few each way, then we're sure to have early bruschetta! I'll bring the wine!

  2. Geez, don't you LOVE my spelling ability!!

  3. after trying to read texting messages,,your spelling is excellent!! Have you ever seen some of the stuff the kids are testing?? Hrd 2 figur it ot!!