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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

busy days busy busy busy....

warm winds are blowing in...snow will be gone in a week (or two) depending on the weather man. He sounded a little hesitant this morning, giving the weather, kind of like "hold onto your hats people". I am suspicious!

Meanwhile ,,boy home from College is being quite productive at my house with the installation of a nifty new camera system for online Goat Cam viewing!!! Check out that still shot!

I am most excited! He has tweaked and rearranged and tested the system with much success. I can work in town and still watch and now LISTEN to my girls in their pens. Amazing...Technology....and to hasn't cost me a thing?!! Wait,,I do still feed the boy..Right??!! That should count! Ahh the rewards of parenting!!!


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  2. I love the goat cam,however "Nanny Cam" would have been a cute name! Call me if you need someone to sample cheese! :)

  3. Hi, Deb. Thanks for following on to my blog. "Overindulged" is the perfect adjective for how we care for our herds. It sounds so much better than "spoiled."

    Hope you're able to embed your Goat Cam on your blog - what a terrific way to keep an eye on things.