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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cultural Heritage Center

We had an afternoon recently that I needed to entertain the children.  The Cultural Heritage Center in town is full of interesting displays, artifacts and history.  I like it. 

Not sure if the kids do, but what better to do if your not lounging by the beach on a 109degree day, but to be inside a cool 70'ish building built into the side of a hill.  I always see something new every time I go.  Lots of exhibits and we make a memory or two by going every now and then.  This time the grandkids were with me.
Here they are riding the combine.  These two girls are just neat!  I tell that from a Grandmas point of view, but actually they really are!  Little Emma came into this family after my Granddaughter Joah has had the limelight for 10yrs.  We thought it might be hard but Joah loves her alot...seriously alot.  Even though once in a while she'll whisper to me to "remember who's your favorite though?!"  I always tell her, Absolutely!
She smiles at that.
                                     notice that little photo bomber in the background.
                         I even got my daughter to pose for a shot.  Course I snuck up on that one.
Then Erin was given the honor of holding baby Emma.   She held her tight and wasn't about to let her fall.
                   Can you hear her "Guffaw"  Trust me...she is an expert at the "Guffaw"!!
                                          I think baby Emma has it made actually..
                                                        Now photos of the barn construction
                So its been a pace everyone is accustomed to this time of year...just plain busy.
                                                Where has the Summer gone??


  1. That looks like a fun time to me with a bunch of great girls! The barn is terrific!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun was had by all! The barn is really coming along. Can't wait to see that cupola!

  3. Such a big, handsome, sturdy barn! That one will be there for many, many years. Looks like a fun day with the kids : )