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Sunday, October 2, 2011

losing spots...

So very tiny and fragile and what could be a better place for an orphan, but a place that serves fresh goats milk...

Changes and growing up, her first few weeks were very pampered....she even went to work with me. She was 1 day old when the unfortunate event happened....and we don't speak of it.
She has decided long ago that the dogs were harmless and she actually likes getting in on the action on occasion. The dogs on the other hand are very gentle with her, which really surprises me. She can't weigh 25lbs and yet Atticus is closing in on 200 pretty quickly. He's the one who takes more abuse from the little girl, as she likes hopping on his back and chasing him around...Tess isn't quite sure if its all that cool, but is very calm with her.
Now to see how long she stays I have no intent that she will be a family pet, but if she's a smart girl she can sure come home anytime the weather is raging or hunting season is upon us. Nature will call someday and off she'll go, but in the meantime, she's always standing by at milking time and waiting for her nice fresh bottle of goats milk. She follows me every night doing chores and I take her out in the field for walkabouts....just so she knows how to crawl under fences and watch out for traffic. I've noticed every evening now a nice bunch of deer coming closer and closer to my house and smelling and listening. For now, she thinks she might be a dog, but soon I imagine she'll decide for herself.


  1. oh my goodness how sweet.. we had a baby deer live here after its Mom died.. I am not sure how it survived. It was to big for us to catch.. it hung out with our goats most of the time. She is grown and still lives on our property.. she seems to refuse to jump the fence, even when she is with a group of deer. We have watched them all run to the fence and over they all go, but her. She had twins this last year. She won't let us pet her but she will let us get very close to her as she is used to seeing us. She still will hang with the goats some, but not near as much as she used to. She prefers to stay on the back of the property which is heavily wooded.

  2. How wonderful! I love animal stories like this. Hard to imagine a deer playing with dogs : )

  3. I thought id stop by your blog and say hello. And i hope your enjoying the beautiful fall weather that has begun. Richard from Amish Stories.

  4. I want one too! Babies, of every kind are so.... precious. You are very blessed to have this experience.

  5. She is beautiful. I'd never be able to let her go. You've done a wondeful thing.