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Sunday, September 25, 2011

a river run....

Atticus is easier to get to the River in the back of the mule..when he has to takes him a half hour longer to get there...much faster to simply load him up. Course he just might be smarter than we give him credit though...
windy day....

.......gate opener??
uh...oh..... wait..thats justa chunk of rope!!
windless side of the river.....and releasing a pet baby bass.
the windy side of the River!!

the getting wet first before the wave crashing side.....

heading home and the lazy dogs...

loading up to go home...
and the video is the windy side of the River on a cool September evening....funnest times are had when the waves are whitecaps and washing you ashore. Good memories for a wonderful reason we live so close to the river!


  1. This was a wonderful peek into where you live! I have never been to a place that is just rolling hills of grass! That river swimming looks pretty fun!

  2. Now that is country living! Love your dogs!!

  3. Awww - looks like everyone had a good time and prolly slept well that night! Plum tuckered!