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Monday, January 31, 2011

magnetic appeal...

So my good friend has opened my eyes into another adventure (crazy idea)....and gotten me excited about a new show lately...Meteorite Men! And while loving to rock hunt and since we have talked often about finding some alien meteorite or some other such bizarre find, we always imagine the Fame and Fortune that comes with...

So I went out and purchased these incredible little magnets that help in determining if its possibly a meteorite......if they were any bigger...I think one would hurt ourselves. Boy do they pack an attraction.

Just think, it COULD happen and we could find a meteorite that is worth thousands and thousands...and if it happened to of landed on something leaving a huge hole, well then, you times that by 100 (seems the collectors like the meteorite that has left its mark). I do live in a pretty wide-open unexplored territory out here in the middle of nowhere South Dakota. Land Land and more land to roam and wander and every so often we do find something really really cool! Sometimes its a fantastic rock or interesting shell fossil or its just rattlesnakes and wildlife. You can guarantee we see a fantastic Sunset and we typically share a beer and some gourmet sandwich my partner-in-crime is famous for. But always we happen upon a really interesting person out there doing the same thing we are and the conversations we have about meeting new friends gives us plenty to remember and talk about. Summer is just around the corner and I hear those rocks a calling....I do like the sound of Meteorite Women myself!


  1. Hi Deb (aka Meteorite Woman),
    I could do without running across the rattlesnake, but the other stuff sounds pretty fun...especially the beer and gourmet sandwich!

  2. Okay, with summer just around the corner, I'd better get busy and start dropping some poundage or it will be hunt rocks/meteorite,drag Sharon!! I'm excited for our next adventure! : )

  3. Sounds like a great time to me! Heck, with a beer and a good partner-in-crime almost anything can turn into a good time!!

  4. As I watched the video I keep thinking "yep, that is my sister who is demonstrating the power of the magnet by attracting a sharp implement" ... kinda like running with scissors.

    I have no doubt you will find a meteorite too. Just be careful if it is pulsating ... remember the movie "The Blob"